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Sambizanga Infrastructure Construction Project in Angola
Date:2016-11-14 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]

    Sambizanga Infrastructure Construction Project is located at the centralzone of Luanda, the Capital of the Republic of Angola, adjacent inwardto the main urban areas and next to the Atlantic on the west. Theproject includes road networks, water supply system, sewer system,sewage treatment station, rainwater system, electric power grid,telecommunication network, and environmental sanitation within thecentral zone.The project management work is undertaken by our company, thetasks cover the following: Contract management, contract negotiation,providing services related to the project design, procurement andconstruction management to the client. The target is to ensure that theproject can be completed on schedule in compliance with the stipulationsof the main contract on design standards, construction specifications,progress and quality requirements. This is the first project managementtask undertaken by our company in overseas.





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