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CHERCHELL Bypass Expressway Project in Algeria
Date:2016-11-14 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]

    CHERCHELL Bypass Expressway starts from PK45 Interchangeof the 48km long expressway to Algiers, and ends at Sidi GhilesTown, which is graded as a new four-lane expressway, bypassingCHERCHELL City, totally about 17.5km long.According to APD’s design proposal, the project includes threeinterchanges and 6km long connecting line, there are 6 viaducts(about 4.2km) , 15 frame bridges, 18 drainage box culverts and30 pipe culverts arranged along the whole line, and the volume ofearthwork is about 10.3 million m3.The contract amount of Phase I amounts to 18.9 billion DA, and thatof this project is expected to be 42 billion DA, and the constructionperiod to be 24 months. The project has the joint venture of CSCEC/SAPTA/EVSM as the contractor, APD as the designer and designsupervisor, SEATI - the largest infrastructure design institute inAlgeria as the construction supervisor。


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