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Ayeyawady Bridge (Nyaung Don) Motor-cum-Rail Project in Myanmar
Date:2016-11-14 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]

    Ayeyawady Bridge (Nyaung Don) Motor-cum-Rail Project in Myanmar,crossing Ayeyawady river, is located at Ayeyawady Division. The mainbridge is a continuous steel truss bridge of 2,256m long, with its mainspan of 120m.

The Bridge is adjacent to NYAUNG DON on the north and to PATHEIN

    on the south. It is comprised of two upper-bearing type simply-supportedsteel truss girders and six-member lower-bearing type continuous steeltruss girders. The bridge span arrangement is 60m+ (100+2×120) m+4-member (3×120) m+ (2×120+100)m+60m. Our companyundertook thedesign of steel truss girders of upper structure of the main bridge, bridge

ancillary works and suspension cable tower frame.

    U Thein Sein, the president of Republic of the Union of Myanmar,attended the opening ceremony of Ayeyawady Bridge (Nyaung Don) onNov. 27, 2011, which marks the traffic is thoroughly through in the wholeregion of Ayeyawady



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