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Ciudad Esperanza Project Team attended the Two-year Anniversary of CCA Panama Branch
Date:2016-12-20 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]

  In the evening of December 10th local time in Panama, China Construction America (CCA) Panama Branch held its 2016 Annual Meeting and Two-year Anniversary at LAS AMERICAS GOLDEN TOWER in the capital Panama City. Mr. Tang Pei, the executive vice president of CCA Panama Branch hosted the meeting,  Mr. Wang Dawei, the executive vice president of CCA and the president of Panama Branch, Mr. Shao Gang and Mr. Jia Bing, the executive vice presidents of CCA Panama Branch, and all the executives attended the meeting.



  The main guests attending the meeting were Mr. Wang Weihua, the representative of the Trade Development Office of the People's Republic of China in Panama, Mr. Zhou Hongyuan, the president of the Panama Branch of the Bank of China, and the VIPs from the financial sectors, overseas Chinese and Chinese enterprises in Panama. The Ciudad Esperanza Project Team of our company was also invited to participate in this event.

  In his address, Mr. Wang Weihua praised the contribution made by Chinese Construction to Panama's engineering industry and the development of economic and trade relations between China and Panama, and expressed his congratulations on its rapid development this year. He said that China Construction is an international enterprise with an important position in the engineering industry in China and even in the world. It plays an important role in promoting Chinese enterprises to go global and internationalization. Although Chinese Construction is not the first Chinese-funded enterprises operating in Panama, CCA Panama Branch has achieved steady development during the two years after its founding. Especially in this year, it has made leaps in the localization and the scale of the company, setting up an important bridge for the development of Chinese enterprises in Panama, Latin America, and the Caribbean Region. Mr. Wang encouraged CCA Panama Branch to make persistent efforts to create greater glories, and wished the Panama Branch to build a better tomorrow.

  In his speech, President Wang Dawei pointed out that CCA , the largest overseas subsidiary of China Construction, set up its Panama Branch as the Latin American market headquarters in 2015 the year of its 30th anniversary, and formally entered the Latin American market in the hope of assisting the economic development of Panama and other Latin American countries by means of investment and construction in virtue of its matured, professional and international management model as well as its industry-leading technology. The considerable growth of our business relies on the help and support of brother sectors and partners.  In the future, we’d keep to strengthen communication, enhance friendship, deepen cooperation and seek common development, and work together to achieve the grand development goals of China Construction.



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