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The Ranking of CSCEC AECOM in the Project Management and EPC of 2016 National Investigation and Design Industries Is Respectively 77 and 147
Date:2016-11-27 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]

It is learned on 2nd September that in the list of “2016 Accomplished contract amount ranking for project management and EPC project in the investigation and design industries” published by China investigation and design association, the ranking of CSCEC AECOM is respectively 77 and 147.

This national authority ranking is organized by China investigation and design association and it is held annually. It is aimed at boosting the development of project management and EPC project and encourages to enhance the project management level and continuously improve the comprehensive strength.

Since the two years that CSCEC AECOM joins the organization, it is continuously nominated for two years. The ranking of this time has positive impaction on the constantly exploit the EPC project and project management market. At the same time it reflects that CSCEC AECOM achieves great leap forward development under the correct leadership and joint effort of staff. At the same time insist the “two business blocks and three profit centers” strategic layout, get the trust of employer and market with high quality technological innovation and service innovation, constantly extend and expand the design industrial chain and grab the new opportunity.


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