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CSCEC AECOM Has Won the First PPP Project of Henan Province Shangqiu City
Date:2016-11-27 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]

The joint venture of CSCEC AECOM Henan branch and Henan engineering hydrogeological investigation company successfully won the bidding in Shangqiu demonstration area sun moon river investigation and design project. The project is the first confirmed PPP project in Shangqiu city.

This project is located in the Shangqiu city urban-rural integration demonstration area, the total length is 7.2 Km, the width of main river is over 60 m. There are 14 municipal bridges in the project. This project is the compound city scene gallery integrated with the purpose of flood control, culture, leisure and sightseeing.

At the early stage of project, the CSCEC Henan branch provides the employer a lot of supporting work in the marketing, investment and financing and technical proposal. During the design, CSCEC AECOM integrates the sponge city idea and environment building to make the ecological demonstration zone.


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