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CSCEC AECOM Has Won the Bidding in the Pipe Gallery PPP Project as the Biggest Single Investment in China
Date:2016-11-27 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]

Recently, the joint venture constituted by CSCEC AECOM, CSCEC and Gansu CSCEC investigation institute have won the bidding in Gansu underground pipe gallery project phase 1. The investment is CNY 9.22 billion, and the project is the biggest single investment and longest kilometer PPP project in China.

This project covers 10 districts including Swallow tower area. The total length of construction and operation of comprehensive pipe gallery reaches 82.9 Km. The cable pipe gallery is 182.5 Km. The pipe gallery prefabrication and shield technology are adopted to accommodate 9 kinds of pipes including electricity, telecommunication, water supply, recycled water, gas, heat, sewerage, storm water, cold supply.

Furthermore, CSCEC AECOM has won more bidding in this year including the Chunhui road, Xingwang road and Xunhua road city comprehensive pipe gallery construction project in Xi Ning province, Yuncheng city comprehensive pipe gallery specialized planning, Xixian district underground pipe gallery specialized planning, Baiyin city Pingchuan district comprehensive pipe gallery construction feasibility, Yinchuan city Binhe district underground pipe gallery project feasibility report and so on.

Related link: http://www.sasac.gov.cn/n86114/n326638/c2425412/content.html


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